Parking Scheveningen

Parking Scheveningen
Park your car for a cheaper price when you have lunch or dinner at Steam:

4 hour parking in Parking Scheveningen Strand for €5,50 (instead of €12,80)
(Zwolsestraat 426, Den Haag)

  • You'll get your parking ticket in the restaurant
  • When you park longer than 4 hours, you'll pay the regular rate for the remaining hours (€ 2,40 per hour)
  • Only valid in combination with a lunch, dinner or arrangement in our restaurant
  • Only valid in Parking Scheveningen Strand! 5-minute walk from the boulevard

Parking Scheveningen Strand
De Parking Scheveningen Strand is the largest parking in Scheveningen and has a capacity of 2030 parking lots. Given the large parking capacity, there is almost always a parking space in this parking. When you drive to the back part, it is only a 5-minute walk to the beach!

Zwolsestraat 426
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